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Ready to speak English with more clarity and confidence?

Be understood the first time you say something.

No more lowering your voice or speaking quickly because you’re afraid of making a mistake

Learn to speak with clarity and feel confident expressing yourself in English – in person, on Zoom, and even on the phone

Clear & Confident:
Improve Your Pronunciation of the Top 5 Most Important Sounds of American English

Is your English pretty advanced, but you feel like your accent is holding you back?

Have you tried looking up YouTube™ videos for American accent training and were overwhelmed by the 2,000,000+ search results?


Are you short on time, but determined to start making improvements to your communication NOW?

Say goodbye to these questions getting in the way...


Can you repeat that?

Where are you from?

If you're looking for a focused program for busy people who want to express themselves and be understood…

That’s what you’ll get with...

What's Inside?

C&C Course.jpg

Video Lessons

Our course includes video lessons showing you how to pronounce the top 5 highest-value sounds of American English. Working on your pronunciation of just these 5 sounds will help you make the biggest improvement in the shortest amount of time.

BONUS Step-by-Step Practice Checklists 

For each of the 5 sounds, you’ll get a practice schedule to help you stay on track. You’ll get 10-15 minutes of targeted, effective practice a day. No more guessing where to start or what to do next.

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BONUS Listening Quizzes

For each of the 5 sounds, I’ve included a listening quiz to help you really hear the difference between each sound and the different way you may be pronouncing it. The first step to being able to produce a sound is being able to really hear it.

PDF Worksheets & Audio Files

Get targeted practice for each sound that you can download and take with you on the go! Our practice worksheets with audio include repetitions of the 5 sounds in words, phrases, and sentences – so you always feel like you are challenging yourself and growing.

C&C Course (3).jpg

Will you finish this course sounding just like your favorite American actor?

No – and if anyone who is trying to sell you something makes you that promise, don’t believe them.


But this is about so much more than sounding just like a native speaker. It’s about being better understood, expressing yourself clearly, saying what you mean to say, and saying it with power and confidence.

The Clear & Confident course is designed to help you make improvements fast, tackle the most challenging sounds of American English, be better understood, and feel more confident.


Because what you have to say is important.


Hi, I’m Emmi!


I know firsthand how it feels to be an advanced speaker of a language AND have a non-native accent when speaking it.

In 2007, I was in your shoes. At that point, I had spent 15 years learning Spanish – my second language – and… I had a non-native accent when I spoke it.


This was a big problem for me.


My accent was affecting my confidence. I didn’t want to speak up. I was ashamed that I was so advanced in the language, but I didn’t know how to make it SOUND right.

Let’s fast-forward! I now speak my second language confidently. I speak Spanish with pride and confidence at every opportunity that I get.


All it took was working with someone to reduce my accent in Spanish. And that was over 15 years ago. The results have lasted forever.


I want YOU to feel the same success and confidence when you speak English!


So start your journey today with Clear & Confident…

Here’s How It Works:

Sign Up

When joining the course, you'll be asked to create a login & password so you can start the course right away.

Complete the Program

All videos and materials will be available instantly when you join. You’ll always have access to the course so you can take the time you need to complete it.

Hear the Improvement

Get the teaching, repetitions, practice, and tips you need to improve your spoken English and speak with confidence.

I know, there are other accent training courses out there. And if you’re looking for a huge commitment of time and money, those could be great options for you.


But if you’re looking for a program that was created to save you time and help you focus on the top 5 sounds of American English that will bring you the biggest improvement – and fast – this online course is perfect for you.


Clear & Confident is a short, practical program that will help you start improving immediately, without…

Investing hours and hours

spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a long course or private coach

endlessly binge-watching YouTube™ videos on every sound in existence


if you have 15 minutes a day

want to learn on your own schedule

and want a simple, easy-to-follow step-by-step plan

…then Clear & Confident is for you.


You’ll finally get started on improving your clarity and confidence in English.

Take a Look Inside the Course

You’ll Love This Course

Here’s why...

  • Self-Paced Program: Access the course 24/7 and learn on your own schedule.

  • Simple, Focused Goals: Learn the top 5 most common and most challenging sounds of American English – make more improvement in less time.

  • Totally Doable Practice: Quick, targeted practice that gives you the repetitions you need in just 10-15 minutes a day.

  • Full Access: No memberships, no subscriptions. Pay once and get the lessons and practice you need. The more you practice, the more you will improve.

I'm Emmi!

I’m an American accent coach, a teacher, and a presenter with 16 years of experience.


I’m very passionate about all things related to languages and teaching and I created this course to help busy people like you reach their accent goals quickly and effectively.


You may be surprised to know that I think accents are beautiful!


Accent training is not about erasing an identity or an accent. It’s about so much more than sounds and pronunciation. It’s about being a clear, confident communicator.


My #1 goal is to help my students express themselves, get what they want, say what they mean to say, and to say it with confidence.

American accent Classes



Course Overview



  • 12 video lessons, including 5 bonus video listening quizzes

  • 5 bonus step-by-step practice checklists

  • 15 downloadable PDFs

  • 15 downloadable audio files


Once you join the course, you’ll get immediate access to all the lessons and course materials!


What You’ll Get


Video tutorials that show you exactly how to pronounce the targeted sounds with your vocal cords, tongue, teeth, and lips

✔ BONUS Step-by-step practice checklists for each of the 5 sounds that incorporate pronunciation, listening, speaking, and reading practice

✔ BONUS Video listening quizzes that train your ear to really hear the difference between sounds so you can correct your own pronunciation mistakes

✔ Downloadable PDF worksheets and audio files that you can take with you on-the-go to train your new pronunciation habits using the sounds in words, phrases, and sentences

I created this course for busy people who want to start hearing an improvement in their English pronunciation as soon as possible.


Clear & Confident is focused on just the top 5 most important sounds of American English so you can make the biggest improvement in the shortest amount of time.


The regular price for this course is $97. But to make it even more accessible to more people who want to start improving NOW, for a limited time the price is reduced to $37.


This price won’t be around forever, so if you have been thinking about working on your accent and pronunciation, now is the time!


What you have to say is important.


You can do this. I believe in you!


I’ve seen my students make big improvements to their clarity and confidence in English using the method behind the Clear & Confident course.


Believe in yourself.

Ready to get started?

  • What is accent training?
    Accent training is known by many names: accent neutralization, accent modification, accent softening, accent reduction, accent elimination, and the list goes on! In summary, accent training involves identifying your speech patterns that differ from the American accent and changing those patterns to express yourself more effectively and be more easily understood.
  • Who is accent training for?
    Accent training is perfect for non-native speakers of English who feel that their communication is holding them back. If you are often asked to repeat yourself, you get the wrong order in a restaurant, or you feel nervous about getting on the phone or speaking with a group of native English speakers, accent training can help you gain back your confidence.
  • How does accent training work?
    Your customized coaching program will begin with an assessment where I will identify the specific sound substitutions you are making – or ways that you are using a sound from your native language while speaking in English. During the assessment, I will also identify any other speech characteristics we can improve such as pace, intonation, clarity, etc. Then, I will use this to create a personalized, step-by-step accent training plan made just for you.
  • What is a typical online accent training session like?
    During a typical 1-on-1 session, we will work on one of your personalized goal areas to improve your communication. First, I will help you grow your awareness of a specific aspect of your pronunciation or communication that we'll be working on. I’ll take you through a series of targeted exercises to grow your awareness of that aspect of your speech. In other words, I’ll make sure you can really hear the difference between a goal sound, for example, and your own pronunciation. After we train your ear to hear the sound, I'll teach you exactly how to make the sound using your mouth until you can feel the difference. Then, we will train the new habit – in words, phrases, and in conversation – until it becomes automatic.
  • Will accent training only improve my pronunciation?
    Not at all! Pronunciation is just one part of clear speech. I work with every student on identifying and improving any aspect of their communication that’s necessary to speak with more fluency. Some of these aspects are: Intonation – making sure statements don’t sound like questions Rhythm – adopting a more natural-sounding way of speaking Syllable stress – being more easily understood & saying what you mean Speaking too quickly – remembering to pause for emphasis Speaking too softly – adding power to your voice Skipping sounds – clarifying your message Monotone voice – adding variety and interest to your speech …and the list goes on! Every student is unique!
  • How long does accent training take?
    My goal is to help you see the most impact in the shortest amount of time. If you sign up for 1-on-1 lessons, the length of the course varies from client to client. It all depends on where you start. I've had students for just 4 sessions and students for a full 12 week program. One 50-minute session of live coaching per week plus 10-15 minutes of independent practice a day between sessions will lead to a big improvement. Of course, I provide the practice materials to you in an independent practice schedule to help make the training stick. Your speech will usually be easier to understand after the first 3-4 weeks as you gain awareness of areas of your speech that are affecting your communication. A full coaching program that will lead to significant improvement is my 12 week program. For most students, a 12 week program is enough to get through all of their personalized goals. If you’re ready to get started with accent training, click here!
  • Will I lose my accent completely? Is that possible?
    Accent training is not intended to make a non-native speaker of English sound just like a native speaking American. The goal of accent training is to greatly improve pronunciation, rhythm, intonation, and clarity so that you can be easily understood and others will focus on what you say rather than how you say it.
  • Why should I hire an accent coach?
    Great question! It can be so hard to identify and hear patterns in your own speech! This is why you need a listener and a coach who can help you become aware of your communication patterns and help you hear and learn a new way of expressing yourself through step-by-step lessons. That’s what EK Accent Coaching can offer you. Working with a coach 1-on-1 (in live lessons or through my audio coaching program) is so much more effective and efficient than learning alone from YouTube or an AI-powered app – you need that personalized feedback and training. If you’re ready to get started with accent training, click here!

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

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