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Hi, I'm Emmi!

As an accent coach, people ask me if it's possible to change an accent. My answer? An accent is just a habit - and habits can be changed.

An "accent" is just when you use the sounds, movements, patterns, and melodies of your first language when speaking another one. And when you practice the sounds of American English, you gain confidence in how you sound.

I believe that accent training should be accessible to anyone who wants to improve their English communication and reach their goals - even without hours of free time on your schedule.

In my courses and coaching programs, I use a proven, systematic method to make you aware of the sounds and rhythm of American English and make them into a new habit.

When we work together, you’ll learn so many things you never learned in school about English pronunciation.

I’m not here to make everyone sound the same. I’m here to transform your confidence and communication from the inside out, so you can express yourself freely.

Say goodbye to worrying about always pronouncing things “wrong” and empower yourself to speak up - because your ideas are too good to keep to yourself.

"Emmi is THE BEST teacher I ever had." - Ailila (Austria)

My Values

I’m all about helping busy people like you turn a few minutes a day into huge gains in their pronunciation & communication.

And you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars 💰 and tons of time on 1-on-1 accent training lessons to get results.

And, no, you don’t need to learn a special alphabet either (that looks like this: θ ð ʃ ʒ ŋ æ ʌ ɔ ʊ ə 👀).

What you DO need is to train your ear 👂 to hear the sounds of American English you currently can’t tell apart from each other (can YOU say “sheet” and “beach” confidently!?). That’s why my coaching and courses include lots of ear training. I train your ear so you can begin to correct your own pronunciation.

My audio lessons, convenient 1-on-1 audio coaching, and all-in-one accent training program easily fit into your life. Let me show you the way, step by step, using a method that’s clear, convenient, easy to access and follow - and fun! 🎉

I help busy, ambitious professionals transform their pronunciation
- in just 15 minutes a day.

"Never thought practicing pronunciation could be so fun. 🤩" - Ana (Russia)

My Story

My story started in 2007, when I worked with my first and only accent coach.

I’d been learning Spanish for almost 15 years, ever since my mom put me in a bilingual program in school.

My Spanish was good...really good. There was only one problem. After learning and speaking Spanish in bilingual school for 15 years… I had developed a non-native accent when speaking it.

I felt shy. I lacked confidence. I didn't even want people to know I spoke Spanish if it wasn't completely necessary to tell them. I got nervous just talking to people. My professors told me I didn’t speak up enough in class. I was anxious all the time.

Eventually, I worked with a professional to improve my accent in Spanish and my confidence came back. I finally sounded like my articulate, funny
, friendly self again.

And that inspired me to give the same gift to my students!

That's why I created the most convenient, motivating, and personalized audio-based accent training program out there.

Because what you have to say is important and you deserve to be seen, heard, and understood the first time.

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