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Accent Transformed 🚀🎧


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10 Weeks to a New Accent

Join my convenient, audio-based accent coaching program and go into the new year with clear, confident communication

Is this you?

Tired of repeating yourself in English?

Nervous every time you have to say “sheet” or “beach” out loud?


You know improving your pronunciation in English will open doors for you, but you don't know where to start?


Letting your accent control your life and hold you back from opportunities?


🙁 you've been speaking English for awhile now, but you're still not happy with it


🙁 you're upset that your accent isn't where it "should be"

🙁 you repeat words in English and don't understand why it just doesn't sound the same

🙁 you know you aren't fully and freely expressing yourself... but you don't know what to do about it

...then the Accent Transformed program is for you.

Imagine this...

🚀 go into 2024 confidently, with transformed communication

🚀 finally express yourself with freedom and ease in English

🚀 forever eliminate your fear that you’re always pronouncing things “wrong”

🚀 get compliments on your accent!

🚀 speak up, be understood, and get what you want in 2024


In this 10-week accent training program, you'll get 50 expert audio lessons 🎧 & practice exercises from me, a professional American accent coach

Mobile Phone

Convenient Audio Lessons

You'll get 5 audio lessons a week of approximately 10-15 minutes each for 10 weeks

Expert Coaching

Each audio lesson is designed to help you improve as much as possible in the shortest amount of time

Modern Headphones
Using a Touch Phone

Easy Access

Access audio lessons, practice exercises, and PDFs right from your phone (on a free, simple app) or your computer

30% OFF the course with discount code BF23

Woman on the Street

What my students say 😍

“This is the best thing I did for myself all year.”

"I should have started this years ago."

"Emmi is THE BEST teacher I ever had."

“I never thought practicing pronunciation could be so fun.”

Hi! I'm Emmi. 👋

I help non-native speakers of English advance in their careers and lives by learning to use a clear & confident North American accent when they want to.


I’ve been a language teacher for 16 years and I’m an expert in how languages are learned and improved 🏆

I created the Accent Transformed program to be the most fun, effective, and convenient audio-based accent training program available

I’ll be your personal accent coach through the whole program as I teach and guide you through audio lessons and practice materials 5 days a week 🤝

Join the Accent Transformed program 🚀🎧


so you can have expert accent coaching in your ears 👂 and at your fingertips 📱...

...with audio lessons & practice that

easily fit into your busy life!

You'll learn to...


👍 Hold your listener’s attention with interesting rhythm and clear pronunciation

👍 Avoid misunderstandings and say words like “sheet” and “beach” without fear of offending anyone

​👍 Understand native speakers of English better because you can finally HEAR the different sounds they use

​👍 Eliminate your fear of making pronunciation mistakes that keeps you from speaking up

👍 Find your voice and let your words flow


Accent Transformed Audio Program

🚀 🎧


Use the code BF23 to get 30% off the course today!

  • What is accent training?
    Accent training is known by many names: accent neutralization, accent modification, accent softening, accent reduction, accent elimination, and the list goes on! In summary, accent training involves identifying your speech patterns that differ from the American accent and changing those patterns to express yourself more effectively and be more easily understood.
  • Who is accent training for?
    Accent training is perfect for non-native speakers of English who feel that their communication is holding them back. If you are often asked to repeat yourself, you get the wrong order in a restaurant, or you feel nervous about getting on the phone or speaking with a group of native English speakers, accent training can help you gain back your confidence.
  • How does accent training work?
    Your customized coaching program will begin with an assessment where I will identify the specific sound substitutions you are making – or ways that you are using a sound from your native language while speaking in English. During the assessment, I will also identify any other speech characteristics we can improve such as pace, intonation, clarity, etc. Then, I will use this to create a personalized, step-by-step accent training plan made just for you.
  • What is a typical online accent training session like?
    During a typical 1-on-1 session, we will work on one of your personalized goal areas to improve your communication. First, I will help you grow your awareness of a specific aspect of your pronunciation or communication that we'll be working on. I’ll take you through a series of targeted exercises to grow your awareness of that aspect of your speech. In other words, I’ll make sure you can really hear the difference between a goal sound, for example, and your own pronunciation. After we train your ear to hear the sound, I'll teach you exactly how to make the sound using your mouth until you can feel the difference. Then, we will train the new habit – in words, phrases, and in conversation – until it becomes automatic.
  • Will accent training only improve my pronunciation?
    Not at all! Pronunciation is just one part of clear speech. I work with every student on identifying and improving any aspect of their communication that’s necessary to speak with more fluency. Some of these aspects are: Intonation – making sure statements don’t sound like questions Rhythm – adopting a more natural-sounding way of speaking Syllable stress – being more easily understood & saying what you mean Speaking too quickly – remembering to pause for emphasis Speaking too softly – adding power to your voice Skipping sounds – clarifying your message Monotone voice – adding variety and interest to your speech …and the list goes on! Every student is unique!
  • How long does accent training take?
    My goal is to help you see the most impact in the shortest amount of time. If you sign up for 1-on-1 lessons, the length of the course varies from client to client. It all depends on where you start. I've had students for just 4 sessions and students for a full 12 week program. One 50-minute session of live coaching per week plus 10-15 minutes of independent practice a day between sessions will lead to a big improvement. Of course, I provide the practice materials to you in an independent practice schedule to help make the training stick. Your speech will usually be easier to understand after the first 3-4 weeks as you gain awareness of areas of your speech that are affecting your communication. A full coaching program that will lead to significant improvement is my 12 week program. For most students, a 12 week program is enough to get through all of their personalized goals. If you’re ready to get started with accent training, click here!
  • Will I lose my accent completely? Is that possible?
    Accent training is not intended to make a non-native speaker of English sound just like a native speaking American. The goal of accent training is to greatly improve pronunciation, rhythm, intonation, and clarity so that you can be easily understood and others will focus on what you say rather than how you say it.
  • Why should I hire an accent coach?
    Great question! It can be so hard to identify and hear patterns in your own speech! This is why you need a listener and a coach who can help you become aware of your communication patterns and help you hear and learn a new way of expressing yourself through step-by-step lessons. That’s what EK Accent Coaching can offer you. Working with a coach 1-on-1 (in live lessons or through my audio coaching program) is so much more effective and efficient than learning alone from YouTube or an AI-powered app – you need that personalized feedback and training. If you’re ready to get started with accent training, click here!

Have another question? Just ask!

The goal of the Accent Transformed program is simple.

I teach intermediate and advanced non-native speakers of English who feel limited by their accent and pronunciation to transform their communication & confidence...


so they can be understood and get what they want in 2024.


What you have to say is important.

Are you ready to transform your communication?

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